While the summer home-selling season is often defined by quick sales, rising home prices and competitive local markets, the winter season is often much quieter. Inventory levels tend to drop, and there are usually fewer buyers looking for homes.

With this in mind, winter is actually the best time of year to start looking for that next place that you want to live.

Why Should You Start Your Home Search This Winter?

  • Home prices will be lower, and you will be able to get more home for your money. During the cold winter months, there are not as many homes on the market and it often takes longer for them to sell. The longer homes sit on the market, the more their price will drop. Home buyers can often get into a house for much less money than they would during the hot summer season.
  • There's less competition among home buyers. There are fewer home buyers searching for properties in the winter.   Many home sellers are not facing multi-offer situations during the slow winter selling season. This means that you will likely have a better chance of getting an accepted offer on a beautiful home. 
  • You can get into your new home before the interest rates rise again. The fact that the United States economy is strong is good news, but rising interest rates are being ushered in as a result. Purchase a home this winter to avoid paying a mortgage with a higher interest rate for the next 30 years.

Rather than creating a holiday list with endless gadgets and toys this year, focus on a larger-than-life wish list. Purchase your next home this winter, and move into it in time to enjoy the rest of the warm, cozy and festive season. To have a customized MLS search conducted for you, contact me today.