Real Housewives of Potomac Episode 8 Recap

Most of tonight’s episode focused on two things: Gizelle’s desire to create a new makeup line for women of color, and Karen’s gala for Alzheimer’s Awareness. Since so much time was spent checking their looks in the mirror, let’s call this episode “MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL.” It’ll be fun, so just roll with it. “Mirror, Mirror on the wall…who’s the grudge-holdingest one of all?” (Swirly, Swirly, Smoky Swirly—-that’s the mirror searching for answers…) “I see many who cannot let go…but for TWO I see it is TRULY so…And their names are Karen Huger and Katie Rost!”

Let’s start with Karen. Ashley tried to make peace with her at Gizelle’s make up/cosmetic shindig. Could they “make up” from the Bethany Beach debacle? Nah, not yet. According to Karen, this slight on her honor must be settled by their husbands/knights in shining armor. Translation: two rich dudes in golf attire would be jousting over 18 holes of beers and banter. Ray tried explaining to a confused Michael that his presence in his (own) Bethany Beach home was inappropriate. What if the girls wanted to walk around in skimpy clothes duringtheir last six hours at the beach? They couldn’t! Shouldn’t Ray have been thanking Michael? It seems that his presence would have made the housewives keep it classy, not trashy.

The other grudge holder Katie is still stewing over the Bethany (non)vacation, and having to endure Gizelle’s unending jabs. She blew off Gizelle’s make up party to host the DC SwimShow. Later at Karen’s gala, Katie looked unimpressed that Karen would call an event that was held in her own living room “a gala.” She recalled Karen’s claim that she didn’t have time to help her with her Casino Night fundraiser.

“Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…who’s the pot-stirringest one of all?” (Swirly, Swirly, Smoky Swirly) “Such a hard choice in this chick-o-rama, but I do see one who causes lots of drama…and her name is Gizelle Bryant!” Did you catch Gizelle’s reason for starting her own make up line? As a child she was thought to be an “airhead”, “mean girl”, “stuck up”, and “arrogant”. Is it wrong to point out that she refers to her (not arrogant) self as “the word on the street”? She’s not an airhead? Even though she told the valet at Karen’s gala not to drive off to Paris in her car. Hope he listened…the last valet to try that ended up at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Valets are so gullible! And it wasn’t AT ALL, a mean girl/pot stirring thing to do to poke at Ashley about how (according to Karen) Ray put Michael in his place on the golf course. Ashley had a different version of that day, noting that it was Michael who shut Ray down. Gizelle quizzed Katie about not attending her make-up/but “NOT MAKING UP” night. Katie didn’t even phone to say that she wasn’t coming! How rude! She should have just explained that she couldn’t call because Andrew’s tongue was crammed down her throat. Instead, Katie faked interest in coming to Gizelle’s home sometime for a private make up test.

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“Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…who is facing the biggest changes of all?” “Two I see are moving on, one might be going, and the other’s already gone…And their names are…Charrisse Jordan and Robyn Dixon!” Well, more like their husbands are going and gone. Robyn and Juan had a sweet exchange tonight about the day they met, and Juan told Robyn that she was the love of his life. Charrisse is facing her fears and moving on with her life too. She no longer wants to fear swimming, and she went as far as getting her eyelashes wet in three feet of water in her backyard pool. Proud of you, girl!

“Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…who is the scrappiest one of all?” “All the ladies are tough I see, but there is one who always swats against the Queen Bee…and her name is Ashley Darby!” Ashley faced Karen at Gizelle’s make-up night. She was told she’s “narrow-minded” and that her “immaturity” wrecked Bethany. She swatted back at the Queen Bee telling her that she basically had a “tantrum.” Despite Karen’s assertion that she stay away from her daughter (because she’s not the right influence), Ashley remains determined to make her way into the Potomac inner circle. She should just start her own circle and call it the Potomac Island of Misfits, and they could make toys. Who doesn’t love toys?

Looking ahead to next week:

Gizelle’s daughters want their mom to get a boyfriend. Karen and Ray will soon be empty nesters, so Karen can walk around skimpy 24/7. It’s game time for Robyn and Juan. Will they remain a team or go their separate ways? And what’s a party without drama? Charrisse is turning 50. Could the timing be any more perfect to celebrate, and sling some shade?   

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