Far too many people believe that all negotiations are about the numbers or just being “hard nosed.” No doubt these are major factors to consider. But this is far from being the whole story. Let’s take a look at some strategies you may not have thought of that can work in your favor when you are negotiating with builders.

Tip One-Remember You Are the Consumer

It is important to remember that you can make a counter offer just like you would with a homeowner or buyer. There is no golden rule that states you can’t negotiate with a builder, even a big one like Toll Brothers. If you are considering a new home, then don’t be afraid to negotiate.

Builders don’t want to find another customer. They want you to buy and don’t want you to walk away, or at least under most circumstances. Never lose sight of the fact that you are the customer. That means that you have the upper hand in many ways.

Tip Two-Stay Calm

Forget about how much you want the house and how much you like the house. Try to remove the emotion from the deal and keep your focus on the numbers. Think about the money.

When you lose your cool, you will begin making mistakes. You don’t want to blow a great deal because your temper got the best of you! If you can keep your emotions under control, you can find a home in a community such as Virginia Manor or Stone Ridge. Both communities offer luxury homes in Loudoun County, Virginia.

Tip Three-Work with Your Real Estate Agent

By working with a real estate agent, it will be far easier for you to determine what a fair counter really should be and how to approach your particular situation.

ReatorsMarc Cormier and Tania Ivey point out, “When we pull comps for clients,we can construct a respectful and logical argument behind their counter offer.”

Tip Four-Be Wiling to Walk Away, Seriously

You should never be afraid to walk away from the deal. This is part of the reason why it is so important that you take the emotion out of the process. If a builder or homeowner feels that you “have your heart set” on a given property, you effectively undermine your position.

Tip Five-Don’t Reveal Your Finances

You should keep your finances as guarded as possible. The more information the other side has on your finances, the weaker your position will be. For this reason, you’ll want to keep your financial information to yourself. Can you pay more? Well maybe or maybe not. Do you need to make a quick sell or need the cash? The “other guy” should have zero idea.

Don’t show up wearing expensive clothing or driving an expensive car, as this will definitely up the price. It may sound surprising, but seasoned negotiators know to look at a buyer or seller’s shoes.

Follow these five tips and you’ll increase your chances of negotiation success. In the end, you just have to be willing to walk away.