Hello, I'm Marc Cormier. If you're watching this video, that probably means your home was listed for sale in the past, and didn't sell and you still want to sell. Well, I sell more homes in a single month than most agents sell all year. Some people tell me, "I think I'm going to stay with my same agent." And I ask them, what are they going to do different now that they didn't do before? Or some people will tell me, "I think I'll sell it myself." And I can appreciate that, after all, if someone's going to learn to sell a house in this volatile market, why not be you?

Well, I specialize in homes that didn't sell the first time. Even the best house doesn't sell the first time, and it takes a new approach, and a different idea to reposition your house to sell. More than any other time you need a professional; someone who's been there and done it. I'm not in the business of listing homes, I'm in the business of selling homes.

If you want to sell your home in the next 30 to 60 days, call so we can develop a strategy. I'm Marc Cormier, call today.