Benefits of Independent Living

Virginia 55+ LivingThe kids are grown and starting families of their own and the family home seems much too large now. After years of working and caring for your home and family, you are still an active adult. You don't want to have to spend all your time caring for a large home when you could be enjoying your time now. It has been proven that staying active goes a long way to keeping you healthy.


As you start to consider downsizing your possessions, it is time to think about where you would like to go next. Hopefully, it will be someplace where you can socialize with others at your stage of life who have many of the same interests and enjoy the same activities. Maybe it is time to look into one of those innovative senior living communities you've heard people talking about.

Independent Living Vs. Assisted Living

There are often two choices of living arrangements for adults in their later years, independent and assisted living. There is a great deal of difference between the two and it is important to know this before you begin looking.

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*Assisted Living is often a hospital-style building with single rooms that may be private but normally are for two individuals. There is a nursing staff on duty at all time to help residents with things like bathing, dressing and other self-care activities they may be unable to perform on their own. There is a communal dining area and activities and physical therapy planned. Laundry, cleaning, cooking and medical care is taken care of by staff.

*Independent Living is most often an apartment complex that contains individual small apartments with a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room. Some communities offer cleaning and laundry service, but others require residents to take care of their own cleaning, cooking, shopping and laundry. The grounds are taken care of by staff. There is a community area and different available activities, depending on the individual community. Some places have pools, a gym, golf course and regular field ships residents can join.  The Carlin and Claridge House are independent living communities in Arlington County. Fairfax County has Evergreen House and Greenspring, among others.

Things to Ponder Before Making a Decision

As you prepare to sell your current house, you need to make some major decisions. It is necessary to look down the road and determine if you or your partner may need to move to assisted living at one point. You don't want to get yourself into a situation where you can't make necessary changes if needed. Many people get so excited about starting a new phase of life that they make decisions that cause hardship. For example, you don't want to sell you home before you have a place to move and you want to make sure you are financially prepared. Things like a bridge loan may help.

One of the most important things you can do is enlist the services of someone who has experience dealing with real estate issues particular to older people. These specialists are called SRES. As with any profession, there are good agents and not so good ones. You will want to find one who is also a real estate consultant. They will be able to help you deal with all the special circumstances that might arise.

The Key to Golden Years Living

Being able to enjoy your later years is a privilege that comes from years of hard work. Consider an independent living community and see just how golden these years can be.