Life is too short for regrets. With the right approach and strategy, you can swap the regrets for the outcome you desire when you buy a new construction home. As with most financial decisions, the right information is of paramount importance. Let’s take a look at the top five regrets that homebuyers often face when buying new construction properties in DC, Maryland or Virginia.

Regret #1 -Not Thinking About the Future

Getting the most out of your new construction experience means thinking ahead. Yes, it can be a little tricky to think about what you might need a few years in advance, but it is a worthwhile investment. Spend some time considering your future needs. Then ensure thatsolutions to these needs will be in your home. This is time well spent.

A home that you will love for many years to come is one that is flexible enough to accommodate your needs as your life changes. For example, are you considering having a child or a second or third child at some point? If so, you’ll want to access the number of bedrooms and bathrooms that your house offers.

West Park at Brambleton in Ashburn Virginia and Arcadia at Willowsford in Loudon County will offer various floor plans to choose from, and you should carefully consider your needs before signing on the dotted line.

Regret # 2-Failing to Install All Needed Plumbing and Electric

Plumbing and electric should absolutely go in during the building process. Installing plumbing and electric after you’ve built is obviously far more difficult. In fact, it will disrupt your life! You may be tempted to leave some areas such as the attic and basement with minimal plumbing and electric, but do yourself a favor and get these elements out of the way now.

Will you ever want to expand into these areas? Will the day come when you need these areas for a playroom, a workroom or extra bedroom? The right time to address your plumbing and electric needs is now, not later.

Regret # 3-Not Focusing Enough on the Ground Floor

Building your own home means you can take advantage of some options. You get to customize a home to your needs. Not having enough ground floor living space can make life stressful and messy. No one wants to run up and down stairs constantly. So be sure you have enough bedrooms and bathrooms on the ground floor.

Regret # 4-Insufficient Closet Space

A lack of closet space has driven grown men to cry. If you want your life to feel organized, then you need closet space and lots of it. Simply stated, there is no replacement for closet space, and it is rather difficult to build closet space after you’ve moved in. Build your closet space before finishing your home.

Regret # 5-Not Finding a Great Inspector and Real Estate Agent

The smartest decision you’ll make in the new construction process is to find a great inspector and trusted real estate agent. Working withwell-respected professionals will ensure that you circumvent these types of potential regrets.

Realtors Tania Ivey and Marc Cormier explain, “Your agents will protect you from making an array of mistakes and offer invaluable advice throughout the process.”

Following these five tips will help you bypass a large percentage of new construction buyer regrets. Finally, be sure that you stay in constant communication with your builder and that your builder understands your needs and expectations. Ultimately, there is no replacement for exceptional communication.